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Congratulations on getting married! We are happy for the two of you, and we’d like to help make your special day a little more memorable.
Introducing dooplikit’s
forever doops Wedding Package. This unique package includes a pair of 6-inch (proportionately scaled), protective-coated, HQ cleaned doops (3D figurines) of the bride and groom on a custom display platform with rotating base.
A memento as one-of-a-kind as the two of you.
forever doops

forever doops Wedding Package includes the following:

One or two scanning sessions - One session if the couple is scanned together or two sessions if the bride does not want the groom to see her attire/wedding dress.

150mm (roughly 6 inches) doops of the bride and groom. The 150mm height is set to the tallest of the two, and the second will be in proportion to the first. If scanned separately we will merge the two of you so you are proportional in height as in real life.


HQ cleaning - An upgrade of your raw scan cleaning from our standard cleaning to high quality cleaning to remove imperfections created during scanning and enhance details.


Protective coating - A protective coating sealant will be applied to your doop which increases durability of your doop. It also gives it a glossy appearance.


Premium mirror base - A wider base helps your doop’s upright stability. And the mirror effect enhances the look.


Spin base - A manual rotation base so you can spin your doop for a different look. Plus you won’t have to keep touching it, which can cause damage.


Acrylic L-platform base with custom background color - You choose one standard background color to match your day.


L-platform non-slip underside material - A special non-slip material to the underside of the L-platform so it stays firm on flat, horizontal surfaces.


And the pièce de résistance: Custom handwritten messages from the bride and groom - We will add a scanned, or the actual, handwritten note from the two of you that will be permanently attached to the rear of the L-platform base.


Optional add-on of a 3”, 4”, 5” or 6” wedding cake topper


The forever doops wedding package is a true one-of-a-kind remembrance of your nuptials. Custom created by and offered exclusively from all of us at dooplikit. Best wishes to the two of you!


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