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Welcome to doopSPIN by dooplikit, a event experience concept. We are not a photo booth but a 3D scanning service.

The doopSPIN virtual 360 panoramic virtuacard is multiple 360 panoramic photo backgrounds with the 3D scanned model of you in the middle. Our online virtuacard allows you to “spin” your model in 3D space within your selection of one of the 360 panoramic photos. You can then take a snapshot of any view and share it to the world through social media or email.
desktop/laptop view (widescreen)
mobile view
We have only one price for our doopSPIN service for
3-4 hours active shooting time

What does 4 hours active shooting time cover?
(8-9+ hours total time)

3+ hours set up time, 3-4 hours active time*, 2 hours breakdown time
1-3 doopers (attendants)*
1 registration tablet*
Emailable doopSPIN virtuacard
Unlimited virtuacards and snapshots
Minimum 10 360 panoramic backgrounds
1 custom background with name tag embed - OPTIONAL
Custom nadir or zenith cap (wedding/business) - OPTIONAL
Protective stanchion barriers
Scan table
Display monitors, display table, banners, backdrop*

Free premium mirror base, free display box and free HQ cleaning
(total value of $40) for guests that purchase a doop
(purchase at event not required)

A surprise extra to be privately discussed (we know you’ll love it)

*At the discretion of dooplikit
For more info, text “doop me” to 808.777.8688 or email at getdoopt(at)
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