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payment systems
the information below is just in case you see or receive something suspicious that appears to be sent from us

the internet has provided businesses with the opportunity to sell products and services without physical interaction with customers by taking payments online
however, some people may still not be comfortable with inputting their credit card information online (although we feel it's pretty secure)

in case you are concerned, we would like to give you an fyi on how we accept payments as a precautionary against fraud


at dooplikit, we primarily use Square and Paypal/Paypal Here/PayPal Me as our payment systems for purchases
our website ( and our social media pages do not take payments or any financial information for any purchases
we will not ask for payment on our website or on any of our social media accounts

when we do take your payment for any of our products or services, we will take such payment utilizing a swipe/chip/contactless card reader from Square or Paypal by one of our staff
we prefer taking your payment in person and in a safe manner for all of us

we can also take payments through an invoice (very rarely) sent directly from Square or Paypal, but we will inform you beforehand so you know it's legitimate and authorized by us

we also take payments utilizing our own plastic gift card or our eGift card through Square


if you have any questions or concerns about our payment systems, please contact contact us directly
For more info, text “doop me” to 808.777.8688 or email at getdoopt(at)
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