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So what do we do at dooplikit?
For starters, we like to scan people, pets or objects and then 3D print them in different materials (see below).
That's pretty much our focus.

We also offer doopSPIN, a event experience concept like you've never seen before. Click here to learn more about doopSPIN.

We also produce 2D and 3D animated commercials and 3D holographic ad displays.

We can also explore other uses for 3D scanning so if you have any ideas please let us know.

We also have other talents that we can share so please ask us (or find hidden Easter Eggs in our website).

Materials used to print in 3D

Sandstone in full-color or plain (our favorite)

Metals like platinum, gold, silver, bronze, brass, copper and other metals

Various types of plastics

Other materials
For more info, text “doop me” to 808.777.8688 or email at getdoopt(at)
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